Our HOA is well aware of the desires of the membership in keeping our by law which states ANY HOMEOWNER whether full time or short time may run for the board of directors. A WEEK before our scheduled meeting for election they informed the members that they were told by their FMO to NOT include any membership when changing this by law to any homeowner wishing to run for the board MUST reside here full time.

What makes this worse, the subject was brought up at the last meeting and it was vehemently voted against. So they just decided to change it behind everyone’s back.

pauline giscombe RN

12/3/215 black stink fluid came into my condo from my sink overflowing on my floor . i called for help bailed out black stink fluid over flowing into my apartment . immedately after bailing out the black stink fluid came back over flowing into apartment into dish washer . I called the management co they arrive snake out the fluid but did not clean up my kitchen and damage and told me fluid came into my apt due to my faulty sink drain . my kitchen drain was replace 1 year ago . i had to pay management co contractor for new drain . how is responsible for flood in apartment and damage to kitchen and clean up in kitchen . At this time i an suffering from shock stress back pain bailing out water ffrom sink . I fell in lobby in apartment downstairs while sitting on bench bench rolled over on me causing injury to my back in early 211 my nursing career came to an end due to injury to back. please help i need advice my life is now a nightmare following fall in 211 please help 3234692956 back pain and dizziness

Neil Brooks

In my sleep, I still see all the guns pointed at me, the flash of light from the sniper’s scope, and the tank.

My wife and I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, in October 2008.  

Having visited the town on several occasions, we fell in love with the lifestyle that defines Fort Collins: rather small-town hospitality and pace, with most of the city amenities, weather that works for our favorite activities, a host of outdoor options, and relatively affordable housing. Continue reading Neil Brooks


This is month #4 that my HOA (Homeside Properties) shut my water off and PADLOCKED it! Yes….month #4!!! No warning, no discussion, no explanation – just shut off and padlocked. Every governmental entity I’ve contacted has advised me that their actions were unconstitutional, even illegal, however, they cannot interfere in a “civil matter” and I will have to consult with an attorney to get any kind of relief.   Continue reading Angel


I was arrested by the then board president of Weaver Woods HOA – <name withhed> – for “harassment phone call”. Why? Because I wanted to know where our dues were going and rather than giving me that info; something she was obligated to provide and I was entitled to receive, she instead chose to handle it her own way.