Dr Edward H Hartnett Jr

In September 2015 our HOA (Anderson Woods, Houston, TX) President, <name withheld>, lied in our Community Newsletter, by telling all homeowners that their individual homeowner insurance covers liability issues if someone gets injured on a sidewalk around their home.

Each homeowner lot survey drawing clearly shows lot dimensions ending were the sidewalk begins. I have called our homeowner insurance company, Liberty Mutual (also called Farmers, State Farm and Allstate), and they all agree that the homeowner does not own the sidewalk, it is public domain/property and there is No Insured Interest for homeowners, so their homeowner insurance does not cover sidewalks and there is no additional policy that can be purchased by a homeowner. Our HOA President, <name withheld> has been told this, given an email from our insurance company Liberty Mutual that states No Insured Interest for sidewalks, but still refuses to tell homeowners the truth. Mr. Palmer also refuses to call our HOA General Insurance carrier to see if they cover all sidewalks in our Community since they are public. Our CCRs also allow for the repair of sidewalks to be accomplished by our HOA, and nowhere in our CCRs is the homeowner/s responsible for this, but again, Mr. Palmer refuses to acknowledge this. The problem we face in our Community, Anderson Woods, is if someone were to get hurt on a sidewalk, and we have several sections needing repairs, and file a law suit, we all may be party to that suit and responsible. In general, Mr. <name withheld> and our BOD have done a few things that have and do conflict with our CCRs, but refuse to adhere to the requirements of our CCRs and the Texas Property Code. We need help.