HOA’s Coming Undone – What’s Hiding-In-Plain-Sight A Social-Psychology Perspective

I’ve lived in one of the largest HOA’s in Northern California (2500 homes) now for over 7 years. With a 40+ year background in mental health, my perspective is decidedly psychological, sociological and “systems.” Since living in this HOA community, I have studied its history and dynamics extensively. I have also studied the history of HOA’s throughout the USA.

What I have discovered has been disheartening and alarming. Bottom line: HOA’s do not serve their member homeowners. They serve developers, the real estate industry, legislators, the HOA Industry and the “collective narcissism” of small groups of homeowners bent on control of governance processes. HOA’s claim to serve their members, but this claim exists as lip-service only and window-dressing for the outside world.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

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Alex Ramia – The BOD is Power Crazy

Here is the complete petition in PDF:

Petition – The Falls at Rhodes Ranch


Here is a sample


January 30th 2018

 I, the undersigned, do hereby state that I am a registered owner of The Falls at Rhodes Ranch Condominium Association Inc.; that my ownership is truly stated opposite my signature hereto and that I do hereby petition the following:

lncompliance to section 4.7.1 of the “Rules”

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Kay Reed

I live I cedars condo association in Burlington Washington.  I have been harassed for not allowing them to repair 4×4 posts that support porch roof they want to cut them off and slide pit block under it. I got a letter from structural engineer advising me to refuse to let them do this I also got letter from home inspector who said it would not pass inspection in event of a sale. What are my rights as a homeowner even though I live in HOA these are individual homes nonadjoining walls thank you

Teresa Godoy-Goldston

Fox Run Farms in Wilmington NC is under the Century 21-CAMS Association. So many of us wish that there was a way to have this association for their corruption. I can not going into details at this moment, but would love to hear from someone who could help give advice on what can be done.

Thank you for this time.

Joanne Lawlor

I have owned my home in my association for 25 years. Our board has had many, many board members who are bullies – agitators – and uneducated in the State – City & Government Laws that govern our community. I have served on the board twice – and resigned twice and even obtained Homeowner’s Insurance from State Farm with regard to the possibility of our Board being sued. Continue reading Joanne Lawlor