About This Web Site

Headlines scream the latest abuses in America’s condo and homeowner associations.  Local TV news outlets feature a 2-minute report on the horror stories, complete with footage of unanswered ringing phones and bolted management office doors.  They often include brief shots of the victims with a sound bite or two.  A third person usually tells These stories, who often misses the important details and simply state a few of the facts, some of which may be accurate.  The HOA/condo stories tend to be just one of many stories reported in the news hour to fill in the time between commercials. 

They simply don’t do the issues justice.

From the HOA Trenches is a new website that allows you to tell your stories in your words.  It allows you to fill in the details and explain the situation.  It allows you to help us understand what it is like being caught in the trenches of an association on a power trip.  Help us understand what you feel, how it affects your family, your work, your relationships and your health.  In other words, as much as possible, put us in your shoes.  Give us the facts, tell us the silly stuff and tell us the plain ridiculous things. 

You will post your stories on a blog called From the HOA Trenches. You may post them anonymously if you wish, but I will accept no story without a name and an email address, in case I need to clarify something. I will not include this information on the web page without your express permission.  Feel free to include photos.  Remember, a picture is worth 1000 words.

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