Neil Brooks

In my sleep, I still see all the guns pointed at me, the flash of light from the sniper’s scope, and the tank.

My wife and I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, in October 2008.  

Having visited the town on several occasions, we fell in love with the lifestyle that defines Fort Collins: rather small-town hospitality and pace, with most of the city amenities, weather that works for our favorite activities, a host of outdoor options, and relatively affordable housing. Continue reading Neil Brooks


This is month #4 that my HOA (Homeside Properties) shut my water off and PADLOCKED it! Yes….month #4!!! No warning, no discussion, no explanation – just shut off and padlocked. Every governmental entity I’ve contacted has advised me that their actions were unconstitutional, even illegal, however, they cannot interfere in a “civil matter” and I will have to consult with an attorney to get any kind of relief.   Continue reading Angel


I was arrested by the then board president of Weaver Woods HOA – <name withhed> – for “harassment phone call”. Why? Because I wanted to know where our dues were going and rather than giving me that info; something she was obligated to provide and I was entitled to receive, she instead chose to handle it her own way.