This is month #4 that my HOA (Homeside Properties) shut my water off and PADLOCKED it! Yes….month #4!!! No warning, no discussion, no explanation – just shut off and padlocked. Every governmental entity I’ve contacted has advised me that their actions were unconstitutional, even illegal, however, they cannot interfere in a “civil matter” and I will have to consult with an attorney to get any kind of relief.  Naturally, I don’t have the funds to retain an attorney and so this nightmare continues. Yes, all of my dues are current (that is usually the first question that comes to one’s mind).

They appear to have resorted to retaliatory practices when I disagreed with their position about who was responsible for all the pipes bursting underground throughout the community (Pilgrim Lake Homes in Cumming, Georgia). When pipes erupted (for the SECOND time) near my home (underneath my neighbor’s driveway), they decided it was my responsibility (again) to have it repaired. Their explanation: The shut-off valve on the outside meter, located on his driveway, when turned to the off position, stops the flow. That same county meter supplies water into my home. This was almost identical to the pipe-bursting which occurred about three (3) years ago. They insisted, then, that I hire a contractor to find out the cause and location of the rupture and have it repaired. At that time I was able to manage and absorb the extravagant costs associated with having the underground pipes repaired. (Even the contractor was confused with why such a matter was my responsibility. He explained it was a part of the city/county’s supply system.)

Now that I have experienced a financial hardship, which they are very much aware of, they have become personally unbearable! Initially, I was advised they would hire a contractor to make the necessary repairs, and then assess my account. Somehow, they must have come up with a different solution/plan, that I only learned of, while I was bathing. My water shut completely off. Once I exited the tub, checked my other faucets, learned there was no water anywhere, I dressed, went outside to check the water meter, and saw that it had been padlocked! I contacted the police, the Water Department, etc, who merely advised me that I should seek legal counsel.

My life has been destabilized and turned upside down inside out and I feel absolutely worthless, as their bullying intensifies, and I realize they are trying to strongarm me out of my home. What a helpless, defeated, destabilizing position I’ve been put in.
But things may be turning around for me! I “met” Shelly Day, author of HOA Warrior, (online) who encouraged me to go to the media. From there I created a thread in a Forum on a message board, entitled “HOA WOES”. It became the hottest topic in the Forum in less than five (5) hours! And today, it is still the hottest topic! And I actually believe that it attracted the attention of the bullies that serve on my HOA/Board. Check it out and weigh in (it’s on…..

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  1. I am so glad that you found “HOA Trenches” and posted your story. People don’t realize how serious buying into an HOA is until they have problems like yours. I do hope you find help–there are many avenues for you to explore, discrimination laws, legal aid, running for the board yourself, laws against turning off utilities in your state–and sheer determination–you are going to come out ahead–but it is a long hard battle. Thank you for sharing and for joining us in the trenches.

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