I was arrested by the then board president of Weaver Woods HOA – <name withhed> – for “harassment phone call”. Why? Because I wanted to know where our dues were going and rather than giving me that info; something she was obligated to provide and I was entitled to receive, she instead chose to handle it her own way.

2 thoughts on “Rina”

  1. HOAs often “own” law enforcement, in that they hire constables for contract work and offer them platforms for reelections. In this way, the HOA’s ability to bully is compounded. There is good reason that we fought against fascism in WWll. Privatized government is corrupt and it metastacizes is the ugliest ways.

  2. My issue in this case is not with the police, but rather with the Weaver Woods HOA and the president of the board (who has since moved). In an open society where there is recourse, the president would never have DARED to do something like this. But in Nazi-land, you can do whatever you want, without a care in the world.

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