I like certain aspects of HOA & the CC&Rs which help to keep community & property looking good but it is not yours to take care of nor make changes on your front common area that we own. You have to get permission to add anything new. The HOA does not keep my front yard looking good, since my husband & I are retired, we are home most of the time and see that they don’t take care OURs and yet we pay big monies and every few years the costs goes up & up! But if you have anything to complain & out of line, there comes reprimanding mail and if you want any changes to the house, you have to get permission for changes. And if you don’t get along with HOA or there has been miscommunications, you can be blackballed. When the election was happening, we were told how many signs we could put up and WHERE?!!I feel like we live in prison and would like to get out. There are spies who wants to make troubles. This is very dangerous situation.