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pauline giscombe RN

12/3/215 black stink fluid came into my condo from my sink overflowing on my floor . i called for help bailed out black stink fluid over flowing into my apartment . immedately after bailing out the black stink fluid came back over flowing into apartment into dish washer . I called the management co they arrive snake out the fluid but did not clean up my kitchen and damage and told me fluid came into my apt due to my faulty sink drain . my kitchen drain was replace 1 year ago . i had to pay management co contractor for new drain . how is responsible for flood in apartment and damage to kitchen and clean up in kitchen . At this time i an suffering from shock stress back pain bailing out water ffrom sink . I fell in lobby in apartment downstairs while sitting on bench bench rolled over on me causing injury to my back in early 211 my nursing career came to an end due to injury to back. please help i need advice my life is now a nightmare following fall in 211 please help 3234692956 back pain and dizziness