Not every director is anti-homeowners. I could write a book on HOAs as former paralegal, including our experiences in two states. After fighting the HOA for many years, I decided to step forward as a director. I want to change the stronghold of the same directors for years, refusing to follow the law and doing what they want. They have resisted changes and even “roasted” me at a meeting with residents. Repeatedly have tried to intimidate me in every way, just as they have always done with any director that disagrees. I have told them I refuse to allow them to run me off like everyone else. That doesn’t stop them. I have a couple of directors who see things as I do. Several of the directors are bench warmers who do nothing and are volunteers, so no one…including directors should bother them!! The property manager sides with the “bad” directors. I have consulted HOA attorneys, have studied governing documents, state laws, Supreme Court and lower rulings and state oversight board decisions. The board doesn’t care about legalities.

Election in two weeks and my emails/phone have been crazy. The directors don’t want to hear anything from residents. The property manager and directors are ignoring the governing documents in how the election is being run. Homeowners are learning they can trust me to seek to do the right things. This election will be a mess as the directors try to control who is elected. I have the “goods” on what they have done for years so they better not mess with me. There have to be term limits on directors.

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  1. Amen, the entrenched HOA “volunteers” become known as expert advisors and often are the source of pettiness. There should be expirations on contracts as well, referendums to end these unconscionable CC&Rs would seem to be a good way to measure the will of the people. START a movement terminate the contract that empowers this tyranny…a new fad?

  2. Sounds like my board. I felt I was treated unfairly as a homeowner who was forced to spend over $2,000 to move my previously approved white picket fence 9″. So, I ran for the board and won. Have been on the board for ten years now. I would leave, but everyone else who has run and come on the board during that time is what you described as a “bad” director. Amazing how they want to exercise control over other homeowners once they get to the board. Trouble is, it is almost impossible in our neighborhood to get people to run. I live in California where big, controlling government at every level is popular. I keep asking for some data that proves or disproves the idea everyone tells me “the HOA protects our home values.” If we could find real data that challenges that, we would have a better chance to fight the boards at the local level.

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